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Attracting Groups and Events to a Casino

Attracting Groups and Events to a Casino

Modern casinos are a lot like indoor amusement parks for adults. They feature entertainment venues, restaurants and hotels – but they wouldn’t exist without games of chance that earn billions in profits for casino owners each year. Slot machines, blackjack, poker, roulette, keno and craps are the foundation of casino business. They draw in crowds of people looking for a thrill from their next spin or card deal.

Whether they’re trying to win big or just try and get back what they lost from their last trip, people at a casino are on an emotional rollercoaster. Dazzling lights, the joyful sound of coins clinking in slots and a manufactured sense of bliss create a euphoric atmosphere that makes people feel good and keeps them coming back for more. Adding to this feeling are scents that linger throughout the casino, enticing people with the scent of their favorite snack or drink.

While casinos make a huge amount of money by gaming, they also give back to their customers in the form of comps. Big-spending patrons can receive free hotel rooms, meals and tickets to shows based on how much they play. Casinos also employ security staff to keep an eye on the action on the floor and to catch cheating or stealing that might be happening. Cameras in the ceiling offer an eye-in-the-sky view that can be focused on certain areas and suspicious patrons.

Casinos offer so many more amenities than their gaming floors, and marketers need to think about how they can use their marketing budgets wisely to attract groups and events to the property. For example, Cvent’s Competitive Ads help casinos compete for event planners searching in their local market or sister markets and are shown on the first page of search results — where they have the highest intent to take action.