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Casino Security Measures

Casino Security Measures

Casinos are places where people can gamble, play games of skill, and take part in other recreational activities. They offer a variety of gambling games, both slot machines and table games. Some casinos also host live entertainment.

Modern day casinos combine gambling with other recreational activities, and often incorporate hotels and resorts as well. These are places where people can risk money against other players, and the games can range from slots to blackjack.

The oh so popular slot machines are the economic backbone of American casinos. At present, more than 900,000 slot machines are installed in the U.S. However, many of these are getting old and obsolete.

While there are no hard and fast rules, most casinos have security measures in place. This includes cameras on the casino floor, catwalks above the floor, and surveillance personnel who monitor the gaming area.

The first and most obvious measure is the security cameras. Every table and every doorway are watched and recorded. A video feed is kept, and it can be viewed at a later date.

Some casinos even offer reduced-fare transportation for large bettors. As with any form of gambling, there are instances of stealing and cheating, so the security staff are on guard.

A more sophisticated measure is the “chip tracking” feature, where a series of computer chips are placed on the betting decks and monitored minute by minute. If one of the chips happens to lose, the machine is adjusted to compensate.